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Bitcoin In Asia - Bitcoin Magazine

Nov 29, 2019

Dominik Weil and Bao-Phuong (Paige) Nguyen are cofounders of Bitcoin Vietnam and Vietnam’s Bitcoin meetup Bitcoin Saigon. Bitcoin Vietnam ( was founded as an exchange service in Ho Chi Minh in 2013 and it's business lines now also include an expanding ATM network, inbound remittance services, and payments services. We walk through the history of the Bitcoin market and community in Vietnam from 2013 through today. Insights around operating inside the Vietnamese market abound.

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00:00 Finding Bitcoin in Germany and decided to go all-in in Vietnam (2012-2013)

11:00 Founding Bitcoin Vietnam – first product offerings and strategy, Bitcoin scene in Vietnam at the time (2013)

15:00 Founding Bitcoin Saigon (first Bitcoin Meetup in Vietnam)

18:00 Business lines of Bitcoin Vietnam

22:00 Remittance market and competitive landscape (2014)

25:00 Focusing on building the Bitcoin ecosystem in Vietnam vs Asia more broadly

30:00 Lobbying regulators and realities of opening a financial services business in Vietnam

38:00 Bull market and navigating the excesses and consequences of the ICO market in Vietnam (2017-2018)

45:00 Regulatory developments since 2018